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Why Choose Liberty Car Wash?

Safer for the Environment

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In most cases, the water and detergents that you use to wash your car at home drains directly into storm drains and/or grass, which can damage the environment. At our car wash, the water that we use during the wash process is filtered and reclaimed. Once the water can no longer be recycled, it flows into the sewer for treatment and further processing before being released into the environment.

In addition, our car wash uses less water (on average) than traditional at-home car washing. Our tunnel system uses the latest in sophisticated water-saving equipment to use as few as thirty gallons per car. Home washing can use up to 140 gallons of fresh water.

Liberty Car Wash (gal.)

At-home car washing (gal.)

Safer on Vehicle Surfaces

Empirical tests conducted at the University of Texas and the Technical University of Munich, the latter in association with Mercedes-Benz, have shown that at-home car washing can produce so many marks on a car’s surface that they cannot be reasonably counted, causing a notable decline in surface reflectance (“shininess”)

By contrast, cars washed at a professional / commercial car wash such as ours demonstrated significantly fewer blemishes and virtually no decline in surface reflectance.

Saves Time

Are you looking for a clean, dry, and shiny car with that “just-waxed” showroom finish, but don’t have the time to spend hours washing and waxing your car at home – or hundreds of dollars to pay a professional detailer?

The car wash process at Liberty Car Wash can takeĀ as little as three minutes. Our fast car wash process might take less time, but we don’t compromise on shine! Take back your day and visit Liberty Car Wash on your commute to or from the Florida Keys.

  • Average time spent in the car wash tunnel at Liberty Car Wash
  • Average time spent washing at home