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$3 Car Wash

All Day, Every Day!


Our Premium Car Wash Packages

Express Exterior Car Wash

Our basic wash starts at only $3! For a shinier car, explore our packages below.

Ceramic Shield

$40.00wash club membership
Includes Everything

Fusion Guard

$35.00wash club membership
Includes Wax & Shine Plus

Wax & Shine

$30.00wash club membership
Includes Wheel Deal Plus

Wheel Deal

$15.00wash club membership
Includes Basic Plus


Clean & Dry

Package Details

Ceramic X3 Coating

The three-step layering process forms a durable shield resistant to dirt, bird droppings, and more.

Fusion Bath

Break the bond of the most difficult contaminants with this specially-formulated detergent.

Fusion Prime

Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of our Fusion Seal Paint Sealant.

Fusion Rinse

Remove all foam residue to allow for complete adhesion of our Fusion Seal Paint Sealant.

Fusion Seal

Lock out dirt and protect painted surfaces with this sealant that chemically bonds to the surface.

Fusion Wax

Enhance the depth and quality of your vehicle’s shine with our poly synthetic wax with genuine carnauba.

Fusion Rain Repel

Repel water and improve all-weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic application.

Tire Shine

Keep your tires looking new with this protective coating for a long-lasting shine.

Wheel Clean

Break the bond of brake dust build-up to leave a brighter and shinier wheel.

Triple Foam

Gently condition painted surfaces; breaking the bond of road contaminants that dull your cars finish.

Underbody Blast

Flush road grime from the undercarriage of your car to remove contaminants that can accelerate corrosion.

About Liberty Car Wash

Our Homestead, FL car wash serves the nearby community as well as Florida City, and Leisure City, FL. Liberty’s express exterior car wash tunnels feature the best car wash equipment available to ensure that you get the best car wash shine in South Florida! Liberty Car Wash also features an automatic car wash – open rain or shine!

In an effort to be better stewards of the environment, Liberty Car Wash is proud to be a WaterSavers®-certified car wash. Our goal is to prevent water pollution by routing wash water to treatment prior to its return to the environment. Our car wash uses only 40 gallons (151.5 liters) or less of fresh water per car wash—less than the typical home washing machine.